Ascension In The Media

Our advanced, non-invasive treatments have gained recognition in the media, with the valued words of our lead Cosmetic Physician Dr Scott Allison.

Check out our media mentions below!

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SBS NEWS: Reality Stars Are Rushing to Reverse this Cosmetic Treatment

Dr. Scott Allison chats with SBS The Feed about the rising trend spreading across TikTok, and what treatment reality stars and celebs are rushing to reverse.

Media - 2

ELLE: What Is Profhilo? The 'Injectible Moisturiser' Promising Dewy Skin From Within

ELLE speaks to Dr. Scott Allison on skin bio-remodeling injections, how they work differently than dermal fillers and the results it can achieve

Media - 3

ELLE: Baby Botox Is The Trend Du Jour Right Now, But Exactly Who Needs It?

Dr Allison gives his take on the right age to get treatment with anti-wrinkle injections.

Media - 4

ELLE: I Tried Jaw Filler To Create The Side Profile I Wasn't Born With

Elle seeks Dr Allison’s extensive medical knowledge about jaw fillers and how they can be used.

Media - 5

9 News: Body Fat Breakthrough (Cutera trubody)

Ascension features on Channel 9 news to show how our Cutera trubody treatment works. Watch the treatment in action at our clinic!

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Style Magazines: Get Wrinkle-Free In ’23 With Brisbane’s Best Injectables Clinics

Ascension is named one of Brisbane’s best clinics for cosmetic injectables by Style Magazines.

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Q News: Cosmetic Physician Recommends Minimally Invasive Procedures

Dr Allison’s take on minimally invasive treatments, such as cosmetic injectables, is highlighted by Q News.

Media - 8

Style Magazines: Freshen Up With Brisbane’s Best Dermal Filler Treatments

Ascension is mentioned as one of Brisbane’s best clinics for dermal fillers.