Skin Needling Brisbane

Sometimes our skin just needs a bit of a boost – whether we’re feeling dull or have particular skin concerns such as scarring or pigmentation, skin needling is an effective way to refresh and boost our complexion. With skin needling, we use tiny micro-punctures to encourage cell renewal and stimulate the skin’s production of collagen and elastin (another key protein). This rejuvenating treatment reduces fine lines, acne scarring, pigmentation, stretch marks and can even out the skin tone.

Our experience with minimally invasive treatments

With minimally invasive treatment options that can achieve effective results, Ascension performs advanced, personalised treatments that demand little to no downtime.

Trained by Dr. Scott Allison, known for his experience in minimally invasive procedures, our team maintains a high standard of care when performing skin needling treatments. We use advanced technology and carefully assess your skin, tailoring the treatment to meet your needs best.

“Skin needling is a great entry-level procedure that can help boost collagen, treat fine wrinkles and improve mild acne scarring. I often use this treatment to enhance dermal delivery of certain medications or other cosmetic treatments.” – Dr. Scott Allison.

Dr Scott Allison


Benefits of Skin Needling


Over the course of four to six sessions, you’ll notice your skin tone and texture improve as your collagen and elastin production increases. Results can be visible just one week after your first treatment, but maximum results will be visible a few weeks after your final treatment. Your new plumped, youthful complexion will last you for up to a year, with touch-up treatments recommended around the 6-12 month mark.


With skin needling, we’re simply using your skin’s natural healing and regenerating ability to refresh your complexion and target imperfections. Because of this, it’s an extremely safe treatment, with very mild side effects. You may experience some tightness, redness and sensitivity which is expected to subside within two days of the treatment.

What areas can be treated?

Skin needling can be used on the face, neck and décolletage as well as the body.

What does the procedure feel like?

The most common sensation is a warm, scratchy feeling while the device moves over the skin. Your skin will have redness that should subside in one to two days. You can return to normal activities usually two days post treatment. No active ingredients to be worn for three days. SPF always to be worn for outdoor activities.

What does skin needling work?

Skin needling uses tiny pinpricks to slightly wound the skin. This causes micro channels to form, encouraging collagen and elastin production. The end result? A more refined and plump epidermis.


Pricing varies based on individual needs, as the required dosages differ. Prices start at $450.

Suitable candidates for the treatment

Suitable candidates for skin needling are those who want to treat common skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone and texture, fine lines and wrinkles, scarring (including acne scarring), pigmentation, stretch marks and more.

Ideal candidates will have realistic expectations, and understand the importance of following aftercare instructions, and be willing to follow a maintenance plan to extend and enhance initial results. Candidates should not have any active infections, acne, or open wounds in the treatment area. Those with conditions that may cause delayed wound healing may not be suitable for the treatment.

Your suitability for skin needling will be discussed during your initial consultation. You’ll also receive a highly personalised plan for your treatment, with steps that will effectively target your personal skin concerns.

The skin needling procedure

At the beginning of your treatment, the skin in the treatment area will be cleansed to remove any bacteria. If you prefer, numbing cream may be applied for a more comfortable treatment.

The advanced skin needling device is then passed over the specific area, creating tiny pinpricks. These pinpricks create a micro injury in the skin, which stimulates collagen and elastin production. It’s normal to experience a warm, scratchy sensation during the treatment, but the treatment is generally tolerable thanks to its minimally invasive nature.

Treatments can take about 20 to 30 minutes, depending on the size and condition of your treatment area. For best results, you may benefit from a series of treatments, commonly about four to six sessions.

Recovery and aftercare

Recovery is minimal after skin needling, but you will still need to care for your treated skin to see best results and prevent complications. You’ll receive aftercare instructions during your consultation, that can include to keep the skin clean, avoid strenuous exercise and avoid sun exposure for a recommended period of time. In particular, you should keep the treated skin hydrated, and we recommend promoting wound healing with Nexultra B.

After your treatment, you might experience tightness, redness, heat and increased skin sensitivity, but all of these side effects should be temporary and subside within 24 to 48 hours. Your aftercare instructions will help to manage any discomfort as your skin heals.

Possible side effects

Side effects are minimal after skin needling, with initial discomfort, redness, a sensation of heat, skin sensitivity and tightness subsiding shortly after treatment. Complications that can require medical attention, such as infection or allergic reaction, are rare and can be minimised by following aftercare instructions. You will be able to discuss possible side effects during your consultation, before your treatment session.


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