Lip augmentation

The lips are an extremely important structure when it comes to facial aesthetic enhancement. Lip Filler is a very popular treatment option for both women and men. Some patients are looking to replace volume and structure that they have lost as they have aged, while others are looking for a more plump or evenly balanced aesthetic.

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What we can enhance


Dermal filler is excellent for adding volume and balancing the upper and bottom lip. Ascension physicians use a keyhole technique to create pillows of volume that follow the lips natural curvature and form. This allows the lips to look and feel more natural, creating a 3-dimensional shape and preventing the “sausage lip” look.


In Caucasian patients the “golden ratio” of upper to lower lip is considered to be 1:1.68. This is considered by most observers to be the most aesthetically attractive. Some patients may have an imbalance in this ratio which can be addressed by filler. It should be noted that in Asian or Polynesian ethnicities that this ratio is not recommended as it creates an unnatural appearance. In this group of patients a 1:1 ratio will provide a more natural aesthetic.


As we age we tend to loose structure to the lip. This is evidenced by loss of the border and projection resulting in a flat, curled in appearance to the lip. For patients that would like to change this, we can use filler to define the cupids bow and philtral columns using lip filler to give a more youthful appearance.


This is an often neglected consideration when creating an aesthetic that is natural and age-appropriate. The area around the mouth is prone to loss of bone resulting in hollowing and jowling. If the lips are treated without consideration of the peri-oral area it can create a result that appears out of place on the patients face. We recommend treating and considering both areas concurrently for optimum results.

Lip filler FAQs

How long will it last?

Dermal filler is a soft gel-like material commonly made from hyaluronic acid, a substance which is naturally found in our bodies. When injected under the skin, fillers instantly create volume, suppleness and smoothness. There are different forms of dermal fillers which we use for different treatments – firmer fillers are used for creating shape and structure, whereas softer fillers are used for skin hydration and blurring fine lines.

Why type of filler?

It is important to have a good knowledge of the various dermal fillers that are available and their properties. They vary in the degree of lift they produce in the tissue, the stiffness (or softness) they produce in the tissue, the degree of hydration and their longevity. It is important to consider what if trying to be achieved in choosing the best type of filler for a particular patient. In a younger patient where volume is the main aim and where there is already good existing structure, a softer filler is ideal. In contrast, when we are trying to re-create structure in the lip as well as volume we would choose something with slightly more structure.

Pain relief during procedure

A numbing cream is applied to the lips 15-20 minutes prior to the procedure. This creates a good level of pain relief and allows for a very comfortable procedure. If required regional nerve blocks can be used (similar to what you would receive at the dentist), however this is rarely necessary.

The lip filler procedure

The lips are cleaned with antiseptic and numbing cream is applied. This is allowed to sit for 15-20 minutes to achieve a good level of anesthesia. There are various techniques used to achieve different outcomes, however the most common is to use a needle to inject filler as required.

Possible side effects

This is a very safe procedure, however, as with any medical procedure there are some risks to consider. Most patients will have some degree of swelling associated with this treatment, but this will settle over the following few days. There may be some discomfort, bleeding or bruising. There have been cases in Australia of vascular injury whereby filler is inadvertently injected into a blood vessel. It is very rare but if it occurred could lead to necrosis of the skin or visual loss. A thorough knowledge of facial anatomy and safe injecting techniques can greatly minimise this risk, however if any signs were to occur the filler would need to be dissolved immediately.


Most patients can go back to work immediately, however as mentioned there may be some degree of bruising or swelling present. Pain is minimal with Panadol adequate if required.


No makeup or lipstick for 4 hours. No exercise for the next 24 hours. Avoiding alcohol that evening will minimise any bruising. Applying ice will also help with swelling and bruising


The most popular lip filler is the 1ml option – giving a balance between size, shape and long-lasting results. Please see our prices.

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