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Hair loss is a common concern for our patients and can occur at any age, caused by a variety of factors. While hair transplants can be an effective treatment method, some patients may not be suitable candidates and will seek alternative methods.

Our extensive experience with hair restoration

At Ascension, we are highly trained to offer a quality treatment experience, tailoring our treatment plans to meet your specific needs. Along with our experienced team, your hair restoration treatment will be performed under the guidance of a Cosmetic Physician or Specialist Dermatologist to ensure optimal results.

“The most important step in treating hair loss is getting the correct diagnosis. Once we have established what the cause of hair loss is, we can then create a management plan that is tailored to the individual. That is why all of our hair restoration treatments at Ascension are performed under the guidance of either a Cosmetic Physician or a Specialist Dermatologist.” – Dr. Scott Allison.

Dr Scott Allison


How Regenera Activa Works

At Ascension, we now offer treatment with Regenera Activa, a new hair restoration technology clinically proven to reduce hair thinning and hair loss on the scalp.

Regenera Activa can be a suitable alternative for those who prefer not to undergo traditional hair transplant surgery. It is ideal for those with androgenic alopecia (pattern hair loss).

The treatment works by implanting new cells into the scalp, increasing hair density and stimulating new hair growth.

It uses a specially created solution with growth factors, stem cell precursors and progenitor cells. The solution is designed to improve micro-circulation, hair follicles that have shrunk and repair blood vessels, which helps to encourage the body to produce more hair in the treated area.

We begin the treatment by taking a skin sample from your scalp tissue at the back of your head, before processing the tissue to extract the elements needed to create the concentrated solution.

Once the solution has been created, using the elements from your own scalp tissue, we carefully inject the solution into the specific areas where more hair growth is needed. Over time, you will be able to see an improvement in hair growth in a way that looks completely natural.

Treatments can take as little as 30 to 45 minutes and will be tailored to your needs, managing your personal comfort levels throughout the process with local anaesthesia.

Our Hair Restoration Treatment Package

At Ascension, we take a holistic approach to hair loss. That’s why our Regenera Activa treatments are included as part of a comprehensive hair restoration treatment package, optimising your results.

When you have a consultation with Dr Scott Allison, you will receive:

  • A personalised treatment plan for Regenera Activa
  • Prescription hair loss medication
  • Oral supplements
  • A high-quality hair growth shampoo

Costs of Our Hair Restoration Package (Including Regenera Activa)

The total comprehensive and personalised package will cost $3,900.

During a consultation, Dr Scott Allison can explain the total costs in further detail, providing you with a personalised quote.

Recovery and Aftercare

After treatment with Regenera Activa, you may experience swelling, minor discomfort or redness, but this typically subsides within 24 hours to a few days.

Patients can typically resume their normal daily routine after treatment, but to reduce the risk of infection at the injection sites, we recommend avoiding washing your hair for at least one day after the treatment.

You should also avoid scratching your scalp, excessive sun exposure, strenuous exercise, swimming pools and excessive heat (such as saunas). This is generally recommended for about two to three days.

At Ascension, we will provide you with personalised aftercare instructions tailored to your needs, as well as a guideline as to what to expect for your results.

What to Expect for Your Results

The time frame that patients can see noticeable results with Regenera Activa can vary, but you can generally expect to see results about two to four weeks after your treatment.

Optimal results with substantial hair growth can take up to two years to show, as the treated area will need time to rebuild the strength and thickness of the hair. Some patients may need multiple treatments to see the best results.

During your consultation, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan that includes the potential number of sessions you may need to achieve your ideal results.

Book your consultation for Regenera Activa with Dr Scott Allison at Ascension

For a holistic approach to hair restoration without the need for hair transplant surgery, contact our team to book your consultation with Dr Scott Allison.

As part of our hair restoration package, you’ll receive a personalised treatment plan for Regenera Activa, prescription hair loss medication, oral supplements and a high-quality hair growth shampoo.


Pricing for Hair Restoration varies based on individual needs, as the required dosages differ. Prices start at $3900.

Hair Restoration Before & After


Suitable candidates for the treatment

Suitable candidates are those who want to treat hair loss with Regenera Activa. The treatment is suitable for any gender and is best for those who are experiencing mild to moderate, localised hair loss. Candidates will need to be assessed for health conditions and any possible contraindications to the treatment, such as certain allergies. Your suitability for hair restoration will be determined during a consultation.

Ideally, candidates will have realistic expectations for the treatment’s results and be willing to follow their customised procedure plan. Candidates should be able to follow any aftercare steps to support results and prevent side effects.


Possible side effects

Regenera Activa is associated with very minimal side effects. Side effects can be prevented by performing the treatment with experienced team members, and thoroughly assessing each candidate’s suitability beforehand. Side effects are typically temporary and can include localised swelling, redness, discomfort and/or tenderness. You can discuss possible side effects in further detail during your initial appointment.