Ultraformer MPT HIFU Brisbane

Using the very latest in high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, the Ultraformer MPT is the most effective and comfortable HIFU device on the market for facial lifting, skin tightening, and facial contouring. It’s a versatile non-invasive procedure that uses ultrasound waves to instantly lift and tighten skin, selectively reduce fat, and fight various signs of aging.

Offering the latest in HIFU technology to prolong a youthful appearance

At Ascension, our minimally invasive cosmetic treatments are designed to achieve effective results, with minimal downtime and side effects. With extensive training and experience, the founder of Ascension, Dr. Scott Allison, ensures that all treatments are performed to a high standard.

As the most powerful HIFU device available in Australia, treatments using the Ultraformer MPT should be performed by a clinic with the right skills and experience to use the device effectively. Dr. Allison regularly attends domestic and international conferences, staying up to date with the latest techniques and developments in advanced, minimally invasive technology.

With patient safety and results at the forefront of his practice, Dr Scott Allison and the Ascension team are excited to offer the Ultraformer MPT an alternative to surgery and a highly effective preventative treatment to help you achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance.

Dr Scott Allison


What is Ultraformer MPT?

At the forefront of cutting-edge aesthetic technology, the Ultraformer MPT is the latest advancement in non-invasive collagen stimulation and fat reduction treatment. Building upon the legacy of the Ultraformer III, which has reigned supreme for over 7 years, the Ultraformer MPT represents the pinnacle of HIFU treatments. Not only is the MPT better at delivering ultrasound energy, it is nearly 3 times faster than Ultraformer III, resulting in a shorter and more comfortable treatment.

Ultraformer MPT also boasts unparalleled efficacy in fat destruction, surpassing its predecessor to deliver even more remarkable results. Say goodbye to stubborn fat and hello to a more sculpted silhouette with Ultraformer MPT.

Before & after images of Ultraformer MPT patients.

During a consultation with our clinic, we will show you a multitude of before & after images and find cases where the patient had similar anatomical features to you, so we can show you what results are possible with this procedure at our clinic.

Female Patient

About the treatment

How it works

Standing for Micro Pulsed Technology (MPT), the Ultraformer MPT harnesses the power of MMFU (Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound) energy.

This state-of-the-art treatment delivers superimposed energy, 25 times finer than the previous model, penetrating deep into the skin and triggering the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

By generating a thermal effect, this process jumps-starts your body’s natural ability to create new collagen for firming and toning results.

We can also use the Ultraformer to target and destroy fat cells in key areas such as the jowls, nasolabial folds & under the chin. By precisely targeting unwanted fat and simultaneously tightening the skin, Ultraformer offers safe and highly effective facial sculpting and rejuvenation.

Benefits of Ultraformer MPT

Ultraformer MPT is a revolutionary, non-surgical treatment offering versatility and targeted treatments, personalised to your needs.

  • Faster, more comfortable treatment
  • Non-invasive facial lifting, tightening
  • Improves skin texture, tone, and quality
  • Reduces submental fat, to define and contour jawline
  • Contours jowls, nasolabial fat pads
  • Enhanced fat destruction
  • Immediate, long-lasting results
  • Versatile non-surgical ageing treatment

Are HIFU treatments painful?

While sensations vary from person to person, most patients report only mild sensations such as tingling or warmth during the procedure. The advanced technology of Ultraformer MPT enhances comfort levels, making the treatment more tolerable than older devices. Additionally, your clinician can adjust settings to ensure a personalised, comfortable experience tailored to your needs.


How many treatments are needed?

For mild skin laxity, we advise 1-2 sessions whilst 2-3 sessions are advisable for facial contouring and fat destruction. For double chin reduction, around 2-3 sessions are usually required, dependent on the amount of fat and laxity.

It’s important to note that while Ultraformer treatments offer a non-invasive alternative to surgical facelifts with fewer risks and costs, results may not be as long-lasting, and periodic maintenance sessions may be necessary to sustain your desired appearance.


At Ascension, our treatment costs can depend on your total treatment time, number of treatment areas and number of sessions you may need. Prices start around $1800.

Suitable candidates for the treatment

Selecting the right candidate is crucial for optimal results with Ultraformer. The ideal candidates for treatment have to be carefully assessed by our expert team and typically exhibit:

  • Mild to mild-moderate skin laxity
  • Moderate thickness of the dermis and subcutaneous fat layer
  • Mild to moderate jowls and lower face laxity
  • Minimal to no sun damage

Ultraformer is primarily utilised for facial lifting, rejuvenation, and contouring. Our approach is personalised to your goals and suitability for treatment. By adjusting depths and energy levels, we offer tailored solutions:

Pre-event facial: Creates a lifted, illuminated appearance through collagen-boosting and contouring.

Full facial rejuvenation: Lifts and tightens without surgery or downtime, providing comprehensive facial enhancement.

The Ultraformer MPT treatment

Before embarking on your Ultraformer MPT journey, you’ll need to be individually assessed for treatment. Our expert Nurses and Dermal Clinicians will meet with you to assess your medical and skin history, discuss your individual treatment options, set realistic expectations and provide you with a detailed treatment plan.

At the beginning of your treatment, your skin will be cleansed and then the Nurse or Clinician will proceed to take your skinfold measurements and draw up the areas ready for treatment. The settings for Ultraformer MPT treatment will be tailored to your needs, for a personalised and suitable treatment. Unlike other treatments, there’s no need for numbing – you may experience a warm, tingling sensation in some areas. The Ultraformer MPT is a comfortable and quick treatment, and your treatment can take anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

Post treatment, you will notice an immediate lifting effect, with results continuing to develop over the months following. You will be able to resume your normal daily routine straight after treatment, with some patients only experiencing a little redness or swelling that resides after a few hours, and a feeling of tenderness for a few days following.

Recovery and aftercare

After treatment with Ultraformer MPT, you can resume your daily routine as normal, as the treatment demands little to no downtime. You will be given some aftercare instructions to follow during your consultation, to help protect your skin, see best results, and prevent complications. You should avoid excessive sun and heat exposure, as the treated skin can be sensitive after treatment.

It will be essential to keep hydrated after treatment, to assist the lymphatic system in dispelling fat cells from your system. Patients can typically notice the results immediately after treatment. As the collagen regeneration process continues, you’ll continue to notice improvements for up to 6 months after the treatment. You may benefit from multiple treatments with Ultraformer MPT for the most effective results.

Possible side effects

When performed by experienced nurses and clinicians, treatments with Ultraformer MPT involve no downtime with minimal side effects. Some patients can experience slight tingling and minor discomfort during treatment. After treatment, some patients can experience slight redness and swelling, and on the rare occasion, bruising or numbness, which dissipates within a couple of days. You can discuss the possible side effects of HIFU treatments in further detail during your consultation.


Can I Return to normal activities after treatment?

How long does each treatment take?

How long do results last?