Dermal Fillers Brisbane

Dermal fillers are injectable substances used to enhance facial contours, add volume, and diminish the signs of aging. At Ascension, Dr. Scott Allison is renowned for his innovative use of dermal filler to create facial enhancements and transformations according to each patient’s personal preferences.

Our exceptional experience with dermal fillers

Achieving high-quality results for each unique patient, founder of Ascension Dr. Scott Allison has extensive experience with dermal fillers, refining his techniques over years of practice.

Sharing his methods and results at both domestic and international conferences, Dr. Allison teaches other doctors and nurses to perform treatments with optimal, patient-tailored results. He personally trains all Ascension staff, ensuring the same high level of care remains consistent throughout the clinic.

“If dermal filler is done incorrectly, it can make patients look distorted, or overdone. Unfortunately, I see a lot of this in the cosmetic industry. My approach to dermal filler is natural and subtle, whereby you and I will be able to see a difference, but nobody else should.” – Dr. Scott Allison.

Dr Scott Allison


Popular procedures include non-invasive chin and jaw augmentations, cheekbone enhancements, lip enhancements, liquid rhinoplasty, tear trough rejuvenation and facial smoothing. Each treatment can be highly personalised to achieve the patient’s desired results.

Dermal Fillers Before & After

During a consultation with our clinic, we will show you a multitude of before & after images and find cases where the patient had similar anatomical features to you, so we can show you what results are possible with this procedure at our clinic.



Benefits of Dermal Fillers

Structural Transformation

Ascension practitioners use a wide range of filler types and weights from firm filler that can perform like bone or cartilage to soft filler that functions like skin tissue.

Non-invasive facial augmentation using filler can be an incredibly effective alternative to surgical measures such as cheekbone implants, jaw and chin implants and rhinoplasty, with results lasting up to 18 months.


Soft filler is commonly used to smooth areas such as tear troughs, nasal labial folds, forehead and the temples, to create a rejuvenated appearance. Enhancing the structure of the cheekbones, jawline and chin using firm filler can also tighten the skin and prevent areas such as the lines around the mouth from increasing over time.

What is dermal filler?

Dermal filler is a soft gel-like material commonly made from hyaluronic acid, a substance which is naturally found in our bodies. When injected under the skin, fillers instantly create volume, suppleness and smoothness. There are different forms of dermal fillers which we use for different treatments – firmer fillers are used for creating shape and structure, whereas softer fillers are used for skin hydration and blurring fine lines.

How long will it last?

Dermal fillers will last anywhere between 6-18 months depending on the location of the filler, your metabolism and the type of filler used.

Our types of dermal filler treatments

We offer a variety of treatments with dermal fillers at our Brisbane clinic. Depending on your preferences and needs, we can combine these procedures to treat more than one area within a single treatment session. You can discuss your treatment plan in detail during your consultation.

Lip enhancement

Lip dermal fillers can produce excellent results for lips, addressing concerns such as thinness, unevenness, disproportions, or lack of definition. Our team will customise your lip enhancement to match your desired goals and facial structure, placing the dermal filler strategically to create the desired look.

Cheek enhancement

Whether you have flat or underdeveloped cheekbones, asymmetry, or a sunken and hollow look due to ageing, cheek fillers can enhance volume, providing depth and contour to your facial structure. This is done with close consideration of your personal aesthetic preferences.

Jaw defining

The jawline can impact facial harmony and definition between the upper and lower face. If you desire a stronger jawline, improved symmetry, or enhanced definition, jawline filler can be a suitable option. We often combine jawline filler with additional filler in the upper face to achieve proportional and balanced results.

Tear trough improvements

Factors like bone structure or facial hollowing with age can cause under-eye dark circles. By adding volume under the eyes, providing support to the surrounding tissues, and enhancing the delicate eye skin’s texture, we can improve the aesthetics of the tear trough area. Check more details about tear trough fillers here.

Nasolabial fold reduction

The nasolabial fold is the crease extending from the nose to the sides of the mouth, typically caused by volume loss in the upper jaw and sagging cheeks. Using nasolabilal folds dermal filler, we can reduce the depth of the fold, address the area around the base of the nose, and provide support to the upper lip.

Temple improvements

Over time, temples can experience volume loss, resulting in a hollow appearance. By utilising dermal fillers on the temples, we can effectively address sunken temples, sagging cheeks, and the outer part of the brow.

Nose reshaping

Whether due to genetics or injury, irregularities in the size, shape, or symmetry of the nose can impact facial structure. Nose filler, or non-surgical rhinoplasty, offers a non-invasive alternative. We can reshape the nose using hyaluronic acid filler, making small to moderate aesthetic changes. This treatment can be ideal for those who want to make subtle changes to the nose without a permanent, surgical solution.


The True-Lift technique focuses on five key facial areas prone to drooping and sagging: the brow, cheek, nasolabial area, upper lip, and pre-jowl region. Combining high-density filler with standard dermal filler procedures can increase volume and sculpt the face, offering an injectable facelift tailored to your unique features.

Injectable moisturiser

An injectable moisturiser is a solution for achieving nourished and hydrated skin. By combining skin needling with non-cross-linked filler, this procedure improves complexion, texture, and fine wrinkles. Unlike traditional fillers, injectable moisturiser evenly disperses beneath the skin, providing hydration without adding volume or altering facial contours.

Personalised procedures

No matter which dermal filler treatment you choose, the detailed steps of your procedure will be tailored to suit your needs. During a consultation, your personal concerns, features and desired results will determine an individualised treatment plan.

Suitable candidates for dermal fillers

Suitable candidates for dermal fillers are those who want to address specific cosmetic concerns related to ageing, such as fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of facial volume, and those who would like to make aesthetic changes to features of their face by adding volume to precise areas.

As non-surgical cosmetic treatments, they are suitable for those who desire to make aesthetic changes without invasive procedures.

Candidates should be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results.

Anyone considering treatment with dermal fillers must consult a qualified and experienced injector who can assess treatment suitability and provide personalised recommendations.

Your dermal filler consultation

During your dermal filler consultation, your injector will ask you questions to determine your suitability for the treatment. They will inquire about your medical history, including allergies, previous cosmetic procedures, or underlying health conditions.

Your injector will discuss your specific concerns and goals, asking you to identify the areas you want to address with dermal fillers. They will then be able to create a personalised treatment plan designed to achieve your desired results.

They may ask about any medications or supplements you are currently taking. Your injector will also assess your skin quality, facial structure, and overall health to determine your suitability for the procedure. They may also inquire about your expectations and desired outcomes from the treatment. Being transparent with your injector ensures a successful dermal filler experience.

If you’re interested in treatment with dermal fillers, book your consultation at our Brisbane clinic online today.


Pricing for dermal filler varies based on individual needs, as the required dosages differ. Prices start at $580.

The procedure: What to expect

The details of your procedure will depend on the type of dermal filler treatment you will undergo. Here, we can provide a general overview of a typical dermal filler treatment session. You’ll need to book a consultation with one of our experienced injectors for personalised details.

During a dermal filler procedure, the session typically begins with applying a topical anaesthetic or numbing cream to minimise discomfort.

The injector will cleanse the treatment area and may mark specific points for precise placement of the filler. Using a fine needle, the injector will carefully inject the filler into the targeted areas, such as wrinkles, lines, or areas that require volume enhancement. They will administer the filler in small amounts, carefully assessing the results after each injection to ensure a balanced outcome.

The injector may gently massage the treated areas throughout the procedure to distribute the filler evenly. Once the desired results are achieved, the session concludes, and the injector may provide aftercare instructions.

The entire procedure typically takes around 15 to 60 minutes, depending on the extent of the treatment and the areas being addressed.


Dermal fillers are considered to be a relatively low-pain procedure.

Depending on the area being injected (such as the lips), you may be treated with a numbing gel so the injections are as comfortable as possible. Some kinds of dermal filler contain a local anaesthetic, which takes effect as soon as the injections are performed. The injections themselves usually only feel like a slight pinch or sting.

Risks and complications

In the right hands, dermal fillers are a reliable and effective treatment.

While there’s minimal to no downtime after the procedure, you will likely experience some swelling and redness that will subside over the coming days.

Discolouration, bleeding or bruising is also common. If incorrectly injected into a blood vessel, fillers can cause more serious complications, but knowledge of facial anatomy and proper injecting techniques heavily reduces the risk.

Risks and complications such as infection, displacement, lumpiness, and undesirable results can also be associated with dermal filler treatments. In the rare event of incorrect filler placement, the filler can be immediately dissolved with an injection of hyaluronidase.

You can minimise the chance of complications occurring by closely following your recovery instructions as provided by your injector.

You will receive personalised instructions based on the tailored details of your chosen treatment.

If you experience unusual pain or persistent swelling or bleeding, please get in touch with our clinic for further advice.


Recovery and aftercare

After your filler treatment, do not apply makeup or lipstick for four hours afterwards. Avoid exercising for the next 24 hours, and do not swim for the next week. We also recommend avoiding alcohol for 24 hours after your fillers, as it can increase the chance of bruising.

You should avoid touching or applying pressure to the treated areas for the first few hours. This helps to prevent displacement of the filler and allows it to settle in its intended position.

To reduce swelling and discomfort, applying a cold compress or ice pack to the treated areas intermittently for short periods can be beneficial. However, it is essential not to apply excessive pressure or freeze the skin directly.

Maintaining proper hydration by drinking adequate water is also beneficial for the skin’s recovery process. Following the injector’s instructions regarding skincare products, makeup, and sun exposure is essential. Gentle cleansing and moisturising of the face should continue as part of the regular skincare routine.

Costs of dermal fillers in Brisbane

A personalised treatment plan for dermal fillers can influence the treatment costs based on factors such as the number of areas treated, the amount of filler required, and the choice of filler product.

Treating multiple areas and requiring larger filler generally results in higher costs. As for the amount of filler needed, each individual has unique facial features and varying degrees of volume loss or wrinkle severity. Consequently, the amount of filler necessary to achieve the desired results will differ from person to person.

During the consultation, a comprehensive assessment by the injector will determine the appropriate amount of filler needed, directly impacting the treatment cost.

You will be able to discuss all of the details that will influence your costs with your injector before your procedure date.


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