Ascension Signature Treatments

From a holistic approach to your skin concerns to event prep, a bridal package and a mother’s makeover package, Dr Scott Allison has created a range of new bespoke signature treatments.

Our Signature Treatments by Dr. Scott Allison and Specialist Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Byrom

When advanced, specialised treatments are combined together, they can enhance your results and work to achieve skin improvements more efficiently. Whether you want to treat specific skin concerns, such as pigmentation, or prepare your skin for a special occasion, our signature treatment packages can be tailored to suit your personal needs and preferences.

“The Ascension Signature Range is a selection of our dermal treatments that have been thoughtfully curated and designed by our Specialist Dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Byrom, to work synergistically and thereby maximise the desired outcome.” Dr. Scott Allison.

Dr Scott Allison


Put together with the most effective modes of treatment, you can choose a package to target redness, skin elasticity, pigmentation and dry skin. Our special event prep, bridal and mother’s packages are designed to get your skin ready for a big day or rebuild strength and resurface your skin after pregnancy.

Once you have chosen a package, book your consultation with Dr Allison to receive a personalised plan!

The Ascension Lift

Skin Tightening (80 Minutes)

Designed to stimulate collagen and elastin production, improving skin laxity over time, The Ascension Lift combines treatment with Morpheus 8 (microneedling and radiofrequency energy), Tixel (thermal energy), and Healite II (low-level light therapy).

Morpheus 8 is focused on the face and neck, before Tixel is used to target skin laxity around the delicate eye area. To finish, Healite II can help to reduce bruising, redness and swelling, as well as make overall improvements to your skin.

Price : $1,680

The Ascension Replenish

Hydrate (50 Minutes)

To deeply hydrate your skin, The Ascension Replenish supplies your skin with a Hyaluronic Acid Infusion, combined with skin needling for better absorption. You’ll then receive a high-quality hydration mask, followed by Healite II (low-level light therapy).

Price : $530

The Ascension Brighten

Reduce Pigmentation (5 x 30 Minute Sessions)

To reduce pigmentation on your face, laser technology can precisely target areas of pigmentation while avoiding surrounding skin. The Ascension Brighten uses two different types of laser technology, PicoSure Pro and Laser Genesis, spaced out by five sessions to gradually achieve results.

PicoSure Pro uses high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations to break down excess melanin in the treatment areas. Laser Genesis heats the skin to prompt the body’s natural healing response, boosting the production of collagen and elastin.

Price : $2,200

The Ascension Event Prep

Treat and Exfoliate (60 Minutes)

Boosting collagen and elastin with Laser Genesis, exfoliating with a Lactic Peel and reducing inflammation and redness with Healite II, The Ascension Event Prep is designed to achieve smoother, brighter skin.

Laser Genesis uses heat to stimulate collagen and elastin over time, before the Lactic Peel effectively removes dead skin. Healite II can help to eliminate acne-causing bacteria, as well as calm inflammation.

When you have your 60-minute treatment in time for your special event, you can enjoy refreshed skin on the day or night!

Price : $590

The Ascension Rejuvenate

Firm and Hydrate (60 Minutes)

Using heat to stimulate collagen and elastin production on the face, neck and décolletage with two modes of treatment, Tixel and Laser Genesis, The Ascension Rejuvenate helps to firm loose skin, creating a more plump appearance.

A hydrating mask will then deeply hydrate your skin, improving the plumping effects of the treatment and providing a relaxing finish!

Price : $1,000

The Ascension Redness Reducer

Reduce Redness (50 Minutes)

To treat redness on your face, the advanced CoolView Vascular targets broken capillaries with laser technology. The light energy from the laser helps to shrink the targeted blood vessels, reducing their appearance over time.

Healite II then helps to soothe your skin, as well as promote the production of collagen and elastin. To finish, a soothing mask is applied, helping to immediately reduce redness from the treatment.

Price : $660

The Ascension Bespoke 3-Month Bridal Journey

(5×30 Minute Sessions and 1×60 Minute Session)

The personalised 3-month bridal journey provides you with a comprehensive way to treat your skin before your special day.

Targeting your personal skin concerns, such as fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation, redness and more, you’ll have two 30-minute sessions with the laser of your choice. You’ll then have three 30-minute sessions with Laser Genesis to boost collagen and elastin production, helping you to see a variety of improvements in your skin, from improved texture to a more plump appearance.

You will also receive the Ascension Event Prep Package, with another Laser Genesis session, and exfoliating Lactic Peel and Healite II!

During a consultation, you will be able to plan out your bridal journey, finding the right time to schedule each of your sessions.

Price : $2,600

The Ascension Mothers Makeover

(4×30 Minute Sessions and 3×40 Minute Sessions)

After pregnancy, The Ascension Mothers Makeover can help to rebuild muscle and tighten skin on the abdomen. With four sessions of TruSculpt Flex and three sessions of Morpheus 8, you can see an improvement in the strength of your abdominal muscles and a reduction in skin laxity.

Using multi-directional stimulation (MDS), TruSculpt Flex works the abdominal muscles in a way that simulates exercise, such as crunch and twisting movements. As a customisable device, we can personalise your treatment by adjusting the settings to suit your fitness levels and personal goals. To tighten skin, Morpheus 8 combines microneedling and radiofrequency energy, prompting the body’s natural healing response.

Price : $4,500

Costs of Ascension Signature Treatments

The costs of each Ascension Signature Treatment are estimated by the details of each treatment, the length of each treatment and the number of treatment sessions included. Please see our full pricing here.

We now offer TLC payment plans at Ascension. If you would like to see if you qualify, you can discuss further details during your consultation with Dr Scott Allison.

Suitable candidates for the treatments

Since each treatment package involves different methods, booking a consultation will be the easiest way to determine your suitability for the signature treatment you are interested in. It will also be essential to ensure your suitability before starting your treatment journey, to support effective results and minimise the chance of side effects.


Depending on your chosen signature treatment package, you may need to follow some aftercare instructions to prevent complications and improve your results.

After certain treatments, such as microneedling, complications such as infection, irritation and prolonged redness can occur. Your skin may also be sensitive to certain skincare products and excessive sunlight after some modes of treatment.

You will receive personalised aftercare instructions to follow after your treatment, tailored to the mode of treatment you received and your personal needs. You may be instructed to wear sunscreen, avoid applying makeup or using certain skincare, avoid excessive heat (such as saunas), and avoid strenuous exercise.