Dermal ClinicianShikyra

Shikyra is our dedicated Dermal Clinician, driven by a commitment to your skin health and goals. With a Bachelor of Health Science in Aesthetics and over 5 years of industry expertise in dermal and laser treatments, she offers a wealth of specialised knowledge. She understands your skin ambitions are unique, and tailored advice is key. Her invaluable tip? Trust in the expertise of your Clinician; while online resources are informative, expert guidance ensures optimal outcomes for your skin type.

Shikyra’s approach centres on personalised care, crafting bespoke treatment plans and skincare prescriptions tailored to your unique skin goals. Her preferred treatment, the PicoSure Pro Laser, renowned for its efficacy and minimal downtime, is perfect for enhancing skin tone and targeting various concerns.

Beyond her expertise, Shikyra brings a zest for life and a love of travel. She once planned an impromptu trip to Europe just for a Harry Styles concert last year, rallying friends for an unforgettable adventure.

Shikyra has a caring nature and is devoted to delivering the perfect Ascension experience, helping you feel amazing on the inside and outside.

We invite you to start your skin journey at Ascension, through a personalised consultation with Shikyra.