Rationale #6 The Eye Crème

The Renewal Collection


Available in-clinic only.

The story
Profound nourishment for the finest facial contour. #6 The Eye Crème is a transformative offering for the delicate eye zone, re-firming and deeply hydrating for a visibly more illuminated outlook come morning.

The promise
The orbital contour is hydrated and renewed. Firmness is recaptured. Optical luminosity enlivened.

The ritual
Gently smooth a small amount under the eye zone each evening. Use in synergy with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for remarkable skin luminosity.

The science
The delicate skin and muscular structures surrounding the eye area are particularly susceptible to solar and environmental damage. Retinoids and DNA Repair Enzymes combine to rectify nucleic acid damage to cells responsible for connective tissue, melanin and lipid synthesis.

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