Rationale #3 The Tinted Serum SPF50+

The Brilliance Collection


Available in-clinic only.

The story
This hydrating daily serum imparts a radiant, translucent finish while offering advanced solar and environmental protection with our proprietary Zinc Fusion technology. Fortified with Skin Identical Melanin and photo-protective metallic oxides, these bioactive pigments are responsible for creating the formulation’s luminescent, non-whitening tint. Skin radiance amplified by one unique, light-filled formulation.

The promise
Sheer, waterlight formulation imparts a velvety finish for all skin types. Skin Identical actives provide complete Solar Constant protection. Creates a physical barrier against environmental aggressors. Skin feels more hydrated as calmness is restored.

The ritual
Shake well to activate formula. Apply to face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands each morning. This formulation may be reapplied throughout the day as needed.

The science
Long have we studied the profound interactions of human skin, sunlight and metallic oxides including Zinc. Found in abundance throughout the human body, Zinc is vital to the health of every cell. Beyond delivering radiant skin and cellular nutrition, topical Zinc Oxide forms a protective shield against sunlight and environmental aggressors. But we’ve gone much deeper with Zinc. Marking a new paradigm in multifaceted skincare, #3 The Tinted Serum SPF50+ boasts an entirely unique and innovative complex of Zinc Oxide—a powerhouse antioxidant and environmental protector. Our proprietary array of Zinc particle profiles delivers a radiant, translucent finish with comprehensive solar protection benefits, filtering UV, Visible Light (VL) and Infrared Radiation (IR). We call this The Solar Constant.

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