Cosmetic Dermal Treatments

At Ascension, we can treat various aesthetic skin concerns using topical, oral or light-based therapies. Your skin is totally unique, and your treatments should reflect that. We always customise our cosmetic dermatology treatments to suit your needs, whether you need a straight-forward regimen or a powerful multi-treatment plan. This bespoke approach allows us to achieve powerful, transformational results and restore your confidence.

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What we can enhance

Collagen stimulation

With ageing comes loose, sagging skin – this is due to a loss of collagen. If you feel your skin could use a boost, our neocollagenesis treatments can help increase your collagen product and rejuvenate your skin.


Change of colour in areas of the skin can happen for a number of reasons, whether that’s acne, inflammation, sun damage or simply genetics. Cosmetic dermatology is able to help reduce pigmentation and restore a clear, even skintone.


A very common dermatological problem, acne can occur in both teenagers and adults (age means nothing to pimples). There are a few treatment options, so it’s important to find the one that works for you. Ascension offers topical, systemic and light-based therapies to improve or fix this problem.


Exposure to UV radiation (even in solariums) causes our skin can age faster while doing damage to our DNA and structural skin proteins, leading to wrinkles, skin cancer and pigmentation. With our clinical treatments, some of these problems can be halted or reversed.

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