Skin pigmentation can show in various forms, from melasma to freckles. The different types of skin pigmentation can have a variety of causes, including exposure to UV rays/sun damage, genetics, hormonal changes or skin injuries.

Pigmentation can be treated with skin peels, laser technology, and a combination of methods in The Ascension Brighten package as part of our Ascension Signature Treatments. Microneedling and energy-based technology can be beneficial when treating under-eye circles.

Recommended Treatments

At Ascension, we offer a variety of treatment methods to reduce the appearance of pigmentation. During a consultation, we will be able to assess your skin and recommend the right treatment method to suit your needs.

Considering the unique needs of your skin, we’ll create a personalised treatment plan that includes the details of your chosen treatment, the ideal number of sessions and aftercare instructions. Some patients may benefit from a combination of different treatment methods, which we can discuss during your consultation.


01  / PicoSure Pro Laser

Suitable for all skin types and complexions, including darker complexions, PicoSure Pro is a picosecond laser, using short bursts of light with high peak power and ultra-short pulse durations. Precisely targeting pigmented skin, the laser works to break down excess melanin, allowing the body to naturally eliminate the particles over time.

PicoSure Pro treatments are associated with minimal discomfort, minimal downtime and minimal chance of scarring. Depending on your needs, multiple treatments may be best to achieve ideal results.

02  /Cosmelan® Peel

Cosmelan is a depigmentation peel, specially designed to target discolouration with an in-clinic peel and at-home care products. The ingredients will cause the skin to peel and flake, decreasing the appearance of pigmentation.

The peel is applied for eight to 12 hours at our New Farm clinic and should be washed off at home, before applying the at-home products for the following 72 hours.

Some tingling, tightness, redness, heat and mild swelling is normal after the peel, but should subside shortly afterwards. The peeling can last for seven to 10 days, depending on the individual response of your skin.

03  / Dermamelan® Peel

As another depigmentation peel option, Dermamelan works in a similar way to Cosmelan, treating discoloured skin in the clinic and with at-home products. The peel will exfoliate the skin, reducing pigmentation. Dermamelan is a higher strength peel option than Cosmelan.

The Dermamelan peel is applied at the clinic and left on for eight to 12 hours. At home, you will be able to wash off the peel and use the aftercare products to complete the treatment over 72 hours.

Since Dermamelan is higher strength, it can be associated with a little more downtime than Cosmelan, with tightness, heat, tingling, swelling and redness potentially lasting slightly longer. Like Cosmelan, Dermamelan can cause the skin to peel for seven to 10 days.

04  / Exfoliating Peels (Lactic Acid)

Chemically formulated to remove the upper layers of the skin, lactic acid peels can help to peel away noticeable skin pigmentation. Helping to eliminate dead skin cells and exfoliate the skin, the peels can also improve overall skin texture.

The skin can become slightly sensitive after a lactic peel, with redness and flaking lasting for two to four days. A series of treatment sessions at two to four week intervals may be beneficial, depending on your skin’s needs.

05  /CoolView Vascular Laser

Targeting both superficial and deeper skin layers, the CoolView Vascular Laser uses light energy to reduce the appearance of a variety of vessels, including tiny spider veins and deep blue reticular veins. The laser works by causing the blood within the veins to coagulate, slowly destroying the vessel and allowing it to be naturally reabsorbed by the body.

CoolView Vascular Laser can treat small facial veins, capillaries, spider veins, large blue leg veins and more. Treatments are generally tolerable, with some patients experiencing a slight stinging sensation. Redness and bruising can be experienced after treatment, but this should resolve independently. Some patients may benefit from multiple sessions, depending on the condition of the vessels being treated.

06  / CoolView Pigmentation Laser

The CoolView pigmentation laser precisely emits light energy to pigmented areas, slowly breaking down pigmentation. The body will naturally eliminate the broken-down pigmentation particles over time. The pigmented spots may initially appear darker, before flaking away and fading.

Treatments can take about 15 to 30 minutes and are associated with minimal downtime. The skin may appear slightly red after treatment, but this should subside within about one hour. Multiple treatments may be best to achieve clearer results.

07  / PicoSure Pro and Laser Genesis (Our Signature Brighten Package)

In a comprehensive treatment approach of five 30-minute treatment sessions, The Ascension Brighten combines the PicoSure Pro Laser and Laser Genesis. PicoSure Pro breaks down excess melanin, while Laser Genesis heats the skin to encourage the body’s healing response, increasing collagen and elastin production.

As part of the package, you will receive two sessions of PicoSure Pro Laser and three sessions of Laser Genesis. You will be able to personalise your treatment during your consultation.

08  / Microneedling (Dermapen)

Creating tiny punctures in the surface of the skin, Dermapen Microneedling triggers the body’s natural healing response to heal the skin in the treated area. The body’s natural healing response increases collagen production, which has a variety of benefits for the treated skin.

Dermapen may help to lighten dark circles underneath the eyes. Some patients may need multiple treatment sessions for optimal results.

09  / Skin Needling (Morpheus8 RF)

Combining radio-frequency (RF) technology and microneedling, Morpheus8 stimulates the body’s healing response to produce more collagen in the treated area.

The treatment may be beneficial for gradually lightening under-eye circles. It can also help to tighten loose skin and reduce excess fat underneath the eyes. A series of treatment sessions may be necessary for best results.

10  / Heat-Based Skin Tightening (Tixel)

To lighten under-eye circles, Tixel Skin Tightening uses pure radiated heat to prompt the body’s natural healing response. It can also help to reduce puffiness and signs of ageing around the eyes. The heat is delivered fast and in a controlled manner for about one millisecond.

Downtime is quite minimal, with redness and heat lasting about a few hours after the treatment. Swelling can sometimes last for a few days, while dry and flaky skin can last for about seven to 10 days as the area heals.

Treatments by Types of Pigmentation

During your consultation, we’ll help you choose the right treatment method to address the type of skin pigmentation you want to treat. As a guide, below is a list of our recommended treatments per type of skin pigmentation. To prepare for your consultation, you can read more details about each treatment, including how they are performed and any associated downtime.

  • Light to Dark Brown Patches (Melasma)
  • Freckles (Small Light-Brown Spots)
  • Mottling or Poikiloderma of Civatte
  • Sunspots
  • Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH
  • Under Eye Circles

Light to Dark Brown Patches (Melasma)

Melasma is characterised by light brown to dark brown patches or spots. It can have a variety of causes, from hormonal changes (such as natural changes during pregnancy), to excessive sun exposure. They commonly appear around the cheeks, nose, forehead and upper lip.

  • PicoSure Pro Laser
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • Dermamelan Peel
  • Lactic Acid peels
  • Coolview Vascular Laser

Mottling or Poikiloderma of Civatte

Poikiloderma of Civatte refers to a combination of pigmentation, redness and dilated blood vessels. It commonly appears as a reddish-brown discolouration on the neck, but can sometimes appear on other areas, such as the cheeks. It is generally known to be caused by excessive sun exposure.

  • Coolview Vascular Laser
  • Coolview Pigmentation Laser
  • PicoSure Pro Laser

Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation or PIH

After an injury or a cause of skin inflammation, such as cuts, burns or significant acne, the affected skin can produce more melanin, causing the appearance of dark spots. The dark spots can sometimes fade over time, but may benefit from treatment if they persist.

  • PicoSure Pro Laser
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • Dermamelan Peel
  • Lactic Acid peels
  • Coolview Vascular Laser

Freckles (Small Light-Brown Spots)

Commonly caused by sun exposure or genetics, small, flat, light-brown spots can appear on the skin over time. The spots are concentrated areas of melanin and often appear on the face, shoulders and arms.

  • PicoSure Pro Laser
  • Coolview Pigmentation Laser
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • The Ascension Brighten


Charactertised by flat, brown or black spots, sunspots (areas of sun damaged skin) are caused by excessive UV ray exposure. Over time, exposing the skin to UV rays can increase melanin production, causing dark spots. Sunspots are commonly noticed on the face, shoulders, arms and hands.

  • PicoSure Pro Laser
  • Coolview Pigmentation Laser
  • Cosmelan Peel
  • Dermamelan Peel
  • The Ascension Brighten

Under Eye Circles

Dark circles underneath the eyes, varying from shades of brown, purple or blue, can be caused by genetics, lack of sleep, stress, dehydration, the natural ageing process and smoking habits. They can sometimes appear with puffiness or bags. While addressing the cause of under eye circles is beneficial, some patients may also benefit from an additional treatment method to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

  • PicoSure Pro Laser
  • Dermapen Microneedling
  • Morpheus8 RF Needling
  • Tixel Skin Tightening